Estate planning covers more than just a will. It is the entire process of deciding how you want your assets managed when you are no longer able to do so yourself, and how you wish your estate to be distributed at your death.

Having an estate plan can help put your mind at ease, knowing that your loved ones can act according to your wishes if you are not capable of doing so. It also ensures that they will be provided for upon your death. Mary can work with you and your family to navigate the details of relevant law and regulations concerning estate planning.

A comprehensive estate plan offers these advantages:
  • Addresses long-term care issues for elderly or disabled heirs
  • Provides for efficient administration of the estate
  • Avoids probate entirely where that is appropriate
  • Coordinates retirement benefits with the estate plan
  • Addresses transfer on death and payable on death accounts
  • Coordinates life insurance beneficiary designations
  • Provides for minor heirs
  • Minimizes estate tax liability

Every estate plan that Mary creates includes at minimum a will, two durable powers of attorney, a health care directive, and a statement regarding disposition of remains. Additional documents, such as a revocable living trust, are sometimes necessary depending on the specific nature of the estate.